Predictive Food Models

What are predictive models?

Predictive models are mathematical equations that estimate the growth or death of microorganisms as a function of the food environment, such as pH, water activity, temperature, and other factors. The models can be used to understand how pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria will grow in food.

List of predictive models

Clicking on the name of a model will open a page that allows users to explore factors that affect microbial growth.


1. Each link takes you to a Spreadsheet built in Google Sheets therefore, you will need a Google Account (,…etc.)

2. Upon clicking each of the following links, you will:

a: be prompted to sign in if you are not already signed in to Google/Gmail..etc.

b: receive a screen prompting you to make a copy of the sheet, which will be saved to your account. Simply click the blue button that says “Make A Copy” to proceed.

3. Enjoy!

Listeria monocytogenes in Salmon v1.0

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