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  • beef-stew-not

    I bought a new slow cooker which was defective.  I left all the ingredients for beef stew in it for 9 hours at cool room temperature (64 degrees ish.)  I then refrigerated the crock over night and cooked it in a traditional oven the next day.  Is it safe to eat? (Meat was seared before putting in crock pot.)  

  • how-do-i-safely-thaw-food

    Dear Mark, I am in desperate need of advice. I need to know how to properly thaw food and the steps I must take to properly thaw any food safely. Thank you very much, Mark.

  • pancakes-out-overnight

    Can pancakes (made without eggs or milk) be stored overnight without refrigeration?

  • removing-pesticides-from-potted-rosemary

    I have olive oil that is infused with rosemary (you can’t see the rosemary, it just looks like olive oil). I want to place a sprig of rosemary into small 6” bottles and pour the oil into the bottles to give as gifts. How can I remove pesticides from the rosemary sprigs before placing them in the bottles? Thank you for your help!

  • My groceries were left in the car for 8 hrs it was 71*. Is my yogurt, cheese and bologna ok

  • how-to-properly-juice-fruits-and-vegetables

    How to properly juice fruits and vegetables when it is not pasteurized to prevent illness or diseases? or i bought raw organic juice and it says that it is not pasteurized so be careful. How can i drink those without losing the nutritional values to it?