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  • norovirus

  • canning-homemade-salsa

    This is a compound question as I am very green to canning? If you are making homemade salsa that you plan to can, can it be done as long as the overall PH of the salsa is below 4.6? Also, does the mixture absolutely have to be cooked before cooking? And finally, can I make my own recipe, without having to follow someone else\’s, I haven\’t been able to find basic information concerning salsa canning without coming across specific recipes.

  • beef-stew-not

    I bought a new slow cooker which was defective.  I left all the ingredients for beef stew in it for 9 hours at cool room temperature (64 degrees ish.)  I then refrigerated the crock over night and cooked it in a traditional oven the next day.  Is it safe to eat? (Meat was seared before putting in crock pot.)  

  • how-do-i-safely-thaw-food

    Dear Mark, I am in desperate need of advice. I need to know how to properly thaw food and the steps I must take to properly thaw any food safely. Thank you very much, Mark.

  • pancakes-out-overnight

    Can pancakes (made without eggs or milk) be stored overnight without refrigeration?

  • removing-pesticides-from-potted-rosemary

    I have olive oil that is infused with rosemary (you can’t see the rosemary, it just looks like olive oil). I want to place a sprig of rosemary into small 6” bottles and pour the oil into the bottles to give as gifts. How can I remove pesticides from the rosemary sprigs before placing them in the bottles? Thank you for your help!