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  • pancakes-out-overnight

    Can pancakes (made without eggs or milk) be stored overnight without refrigeration?

  • removing-pesticides-from-potted-rosemary

    I have olive oil that is infused with rosemary (you can’t see the rosemary, it just looks like olive oil). I want to place a sprig of rosemary into small 6” bottles and pour the oil into the bottles to give as gifts. How can I remove pesticides from the rosemary sprigs before placing them in the bottles? Thank you for your help!

  • My groceries were left in the car for 8 hrs it was 71*. Is my yogurt, cheese and bologna ok

  • how-to-properly-juice-fruits-and-vegetables

    How to properly juice fruits and vegetables when it is not pasteurized to prevent illness or diseases? or i bought raw organic juice and it says that it is not pasteurized so be careful. How can i drink those without losing the nutritional values to it?

  • concentration-of-chlorine-in-raspberries-while-freezing

    Hi I want to know what is the concentration ppm of chlorine used while making frozen raspberries  for big scale industrial productions

  • food-delivery-meat-safety

    Hi Mark, I am a foods & nutrition high school teacher in the Bay Area, California.  My program is thriving and I have 165 students who cook once per week.  I have started utilizing instacart to purchase groceries due to the convenience and amounts of resources I need to purchase.  My question to you is about the relative safety of raw chicken when using a delivery service.  They assure that all groceries are kept refrigerated until delivery, but I have noticed that sometimes my app will say that grocery shopping has been completed but delivery doesn\\\\\\\’t occur until sometimes an hour or two later.  When the food, including raw chicken arrives, is there anything I can look for to assure that the meat is safe to cook and consume? thanks!