Fresh chuck-roast with vegetables left in crock pot for an hour and a half….

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Allena asked 8 months ago

I put a small fresh chuck roast in the crock pot with red potatoes yellow onions, garlic and baby carrots with beef broth and didn’t realize it wasn’t plugged in till an hour and a half later. I keep seeing where if food items are left out for two hours or more to discard it. Is it still safe to cook mine and eat it?

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Mark Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Allena
Thank you for your question.
It should still be safe to cook the roast and vegetables in the crock pot.
Most food safety agencies (e.g., USDA and FDA) actually have two recommended times for how long food can be left out in the Danger Zone–2 hours for consumers and 4 hours for restaurants.
However, you can be very sure that dangerous bacteria do not grow slower in restaurants and faster in a person’s home!
So, if you are sure it has been less than 4 hours, it is safe to cook the food. However, keep in mind that the 4 hours includes the total time that the food has been between 40 and 140F; that is the time from when the meat was taken out of the refrigerator until it exceeds 140F in the crock pot.
I hope this information s helpful. Below are links to a couple of resources.
The 2022 FDA Food Code
University of Georgia’s, “Tale of the Two Temperature Danger Zones”
Best wishes

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