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Kim asked 3 years ago

How to properly juice fruits and vegetables when it is not pasteurized to prevent illness or diseases? or i bought raw organic juice and it says that it is not pasteurized so be careful. How can i drink those without losing the nutritional values to it?

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Mark Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Kim
When preparing your own juices or purchasing raw juices, that have not received heat treatment like pasteurization, you rely on safe preparation techniques, cold storage and sometimes the acidity of the juice.
Raw juices should be prepared from fruits/vegetables where the outer surface has been sanitized and/or peeled, using hygienic practices (e.g. sanitized knives, cutting boards, juicer, etc.). After preparation, the juice should be refrigerated at 40F or less to prevent the growth of most potential pathogens.
Acidity is also an excellent way to prevent potential pathogen growth. If the juice has a pH less than 4.6, pathogens won’t grow, even if the juice is not refrigerated. You can order pH test paper (dip sticks) from stores such as Amazon; pool supply stores also sell pH test kits.
Let me know if I can provide further assistance.

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