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Karina Souza asked 1 year ago

Como faço para congelar alimentos sem perder tanto suas características organolépticas? 

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Mark Staff answered 1 year ago

Hola, Karina
The best way to preserve organoleptic qualities of food to be frozen is to:
1) remove as much of the air in the bag/container as possible. A vacuum sealer (such as one made by FoodSaver) is commonly used by many consumers for removing air and then heat-sealing the bag. This helps preserve flavor because oxygen in a package can “oxidize” food. When oils in the food oxidize, many times this produces an undesirable rancid flavor.
2) try to freeze the food as fast as possible. This is because when food slowly freezes, large water crystals can form. These sharp crystals can “break” food structure, which softens and makes food mushy in texture.
Please let me know if I can provide more assistance.

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